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Voltaire: Deady News

Deady Nominated for Toy Award - August 15, 2012

Hey Guys!


For the second year in a row, a Deady toy has been nominated in the Designer Toy Awards! We lost last year to the lead singer of Coheed and Cambria (who also designed a toy apparently) but this year, with your help, it's sure to be Deady's turn! The toy is "Deady Big in Japan" mini-qee assortment by Toy2R and it's from the comic book of the same name. It's nominated in the Best Toy from a Comic Book category. 

Please take a moment to go and cast your vote here:

You can vote EVERY DAY until September 1st!!!


As a thank you, I've created a FREE Deady Web Comic for you!!! 


You can read that here:


So please take a moment to VOTE FOR DEADY and enjoy your free Deady Web Comic!




The Bunnypocopypse is Coming this Easter! - March 7, 2012

Hey Deadsters!

As most of you probably know by now, every Friday the 13th, Deady and Voltaire appear live in the wildly popular on-line role playing game, AdventureQuest Worlds ( ). Well, this year, there are THREE friday the 13ths!!! Those of you who tuned in on January, friday the 13th saw Voltaire ride a black unicorn down the side of an erupting volcano to stop a mechanical girl from destroying a war-torn village. And.. maybe you even got a flaming top hat in the process, or a Vorutanian Key Blade or Unicorn Medal (either virtual or REAL!).  Well, the next Friday the 13th even is on April 13th and it's going to be a BUNNYPOCOLYPSE!!! Deady's nemesis, Sleezter Bunny is coming and he's bringing an army of death bunnies with him to take over AdventureQuest! 

To celebrate the invasion (I'm not entirely sure why we'd want to  "celebrate" the destruction of our world by evil bunnies but I digress) Voltaire, Artix and premiere vinyl toy company Toy2R have teamed up AGAIN to bring you some exciting BUNEE toys! Being released in conjunction with the event are "Deady Bunee", "Sleezter Bunee" and a couple of other BUNEE toys to be announced soon! So stay tuned for how you can enjoy this live event and pick up these limited edition designer toys!

Happy New Year - December 31, 2011

The Urkor Malravenus 5" Mini-Qee by Toy2R has arrived! And it comes with a code to unlock two skeletal pets in AdventureQuest Worlds! - August 23, 2011


Toy2R has exclusively made this figure for Artix Entertainment and Voltaire and they are the only two entities that will carry this toy (unless either decides to sell a few to a store here or there). Only 500 of them are available world wide. This figure is a collaboration between Voltaire and Artix and like in the past, it includes a code to unlock a digital pet in the game AdventureQuest Worlds... in this particular case, 2 exclusive AQWorlds pets: the Necrosian Walker and the Necrosian Skullbat. There are two versions of each pet (normal pet, and also a member-only Battle Pet version which is Necromancer compatible) both in the popular online role playing game AdventureQuest Worlds. 


play AdventureQuest Worlds here:

If you want to get your tentacles on this highly exclusive figure from the "Deady and Fiends" Mini-Qee series, you can get one at Voltaire's booth at Dragoncon in Atlanta ( Sept.2nd -5th) in the lobby of the Marriott or on-line from Artix Entertainment  here:

The Deady "Big in Japan" Mini-Qee by Toy2r is coming! - June 23, 2011


In the next week or so, a new Deady toy is going to hit the streets! The Deady "Big in Japan" Mini-Qee is coming and it includes a very special treat. Like it's predecessor, the AdventurQuest Deady 8" Qee by Toy2R, this figure will also come with a code to unlock a digital Deady pet in the online game, AdventureQuest Worlds! To be specific, the code, unlocks a "samurai Deady" pet complete with Japanese bandana and katana.  



The Deady: Big in Japan 5" mini-Qee comes in three versions. One with a grimacing mouth ("Karate Kiai" version), one with a smirk and one sticking out his tongue.  A combined total of 1,000 of these toys were made and will never be made again, making it another must-have, limited edition Deady vinyl toy!


Once they're out, you can find these toys here: Toy2R USA's Website

Voltaire and Deady LIVE on AdventureQuest Worlds tonight! - May 13, 2011

May, Friday the 13th! 


TONIGHT on AdventureQuest Worlds ( ) at 7pm EST, Voltaire and Deady make their usual Friday the 13th appearance in what is sure to be the greatest live adventure yet!  It's Steampunk cowboys vs. Aliens from Deady's homeworld of Necronus fighting to the death over the Vorutanian Key Blade (you might have seen a much smaller version of this key-shaped weapon hanging from Voltaire's neck in the form of a pendant).  Well, now you'll finally come to know what this mighty weapon is actually for! And before the end, Deady might even reveal his true form for the first time in the game!

And... if that weren't enough, for the first time ever, DEADY SPEAKS!  That's right, after years of silence and word bubbles, Deady will speak in-game. Voltaire and Artix are just bloody thrilled to announce that voicing Deady will be Michael Sinterniklaas (best known to many as the voice of Dean Venture of Cartoon Network's Venture Brothers and the voice of Leonardo on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! 

History will be made tonight as YOU the player fights Steampunk cowboys and Necrid skeletons while Voltaire sings songs from his country album and Deady.... well, tries to take over the world, probably.  That's how he rolls.  It all begins tonight at 7pm EST

...and there will likely be a live Q and A beforehand with Voltaire so tune in early.  See you there!

Battle on!

DEADY FINDS A VOICE! - May 9, 2011



Deady, that evil teddy bear creation of Voltaire's, first appeared in his first graphic novel in 2004. Since then he has appeared in various books and games and has been made into a dozen or so toys, but only now will we get to hear what he sounds like! 


Voltaire and Artix Entertainment are extremely happy to announce that Deady has found a voice! Playing Deady in the upcoming AdventureQuest Worlds Friday the 13th event is voice actor, Michael Sinterniklaas, best known to some as the voice of Dean Venture from Adult Swim’s The Venture Brothers as well as the voice of Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series.  You can see Michael's long list of roles on his IMDB page HERE.  The hallowed event takes place on Friday, May the 13th at

This will be the fourth time, Voltaire and Deady (in animated form of course) lead players on a live quest in the popular on-line role playing game. As usual, during the adventure, Voltaire will play some of his songs while Deady causes trouble and maybe saves the day.  


New Customs! New Toys! - April 11, 2011

A couple of new Deady custom toys by Voltaire have surfaced of late.  One, a Deady Bunee was made for the Mini-Qee kick-off party in NYC during Toyfair at Yoyamart.  It was the first time Toy2R's Mini-Qee figures were unveiled and also the first time Deady has ever appeared as a rabbit! There's a first time for everything apparently.

The second was a "Lunartik" for a show in Berlin.  The Lunartik custom toy is the smallest Deady custom toy to date measuring around 2 inches!

You can see both of those custom toys here:

Speaking of Toy2R, coming in May the Skelanimals Artist Series continues with the second installment.  Voltaire has two figures in the series this time, a dog and a cat.  Voltaire still insists that Deady designed them. When asked, Deady just shook his head and burped.  Something fell out of his mouth that looked like a furry sack of bones.  We were too scared (or was it 'grossed out'?) to investigate any further.

Get a glimpse at the new Skelanimals figures here:

The Skelanimals Artist series #2 by Toy2R features 2 new designs by Voltaire and Deady! - February 5, 2011

Premiere vinyl toy company, Toy2R and Skelanimals have teamed up again to release an artist series of the ubiquitous little critters.  Like last time, they've invited Voltaire and Deady to be a part of their plans.  Except this time, there are TWO figures in the series designed by Voltaire and Deady  (for the record, Voltaire says Deady designed them and Deady, when asked just roared really loudly, enveloped the reporter in his tentacles and as far as we can tell, ate him).   There's still no word when the series will hit stores but Toy2R has released the designs so at least for the time being, we can enjoy those.  And here they are!



More info can be found at

AQ Deady Figure by Toy2r SOLD OUT! - January 13, 2011



In news that is both awesome and sad at the same time, the 8" vinyl Deady figure by Toy2R that was made in collaboration with the popular on-line roleplaying game AdventureQuest Worlds is now officially sold out.  That means no more can be found anywhere and no more will ever be made.  While we are thrilled by its success we are also a little sad here in Deadyland to think they will never be seen again..   

The AQ Deady figures were available from Toy2R's website here:

It probably won't be long before AdventureQuest, Toy2R and Deady team up again so stay tuned!

If you're feeling nostalgic, you can read about all of the amazing things that came with this toy here:



New for 2011, the Deady Calendar! - December 30, 2010

Introducing DEADY's first ever calendar! It features 12 scenes from Deady's life (most of the art is from the popular online game AdventureQuest Worlds) and each caption is a lyric from one of Voltaire's songs. It's the perfect companion to Spooky Songs For Creepy Kids!



They are $19.99.


If you are interested, you can get one here:


Here's a sneak peek at MArch:




Deady/Skelanimals collaboration released! - September 25, 2010

As reported a while back, Toy2R and Skelanimals selected Voltaire to be one of the artists lending their unique spin to the Skelanimals Artist Series, a series of Skelanimals vinyl toys redesigned by popular artists.  The first of Voltaire's designs, a Deady-inspired monkey figure is now released as part of the series.  Voltaire says, "I just let Deady redesign all of the characters in his own image. I'm glad to see the first one is out and I hope they eventually make them all!" The figures are on sale here:

They retails for $10 and come "blind boxed"


Skelanimals Artist Series 1 by Toy2R

Spot the Deady inspired design! Hint: He's got the trademark skull on his chest, a stitched-up mouth and looks like he's up to no good.

Voltaire and Deady invade San Diego Comic Con! - July 25, 2010

Voltaire's San Diego Comic Con update:

"I flew out to San Diego comic con this year to sign the Deady /Stitch toys by Mindstyle at the Toy Tokyo booth. I met a bunch of awesome people, some hardcore Deady fans, some just fans of designer vinyl.  And of course, in keeping with tradition, I hopped up on the table and sang some songs.

At this show I unveiled the latest DEADY item, a fleece hat by Grapevine Fires.  Each hat is hand made. They sell for $30. You can see one here being worn by a lovely lady named Ashley who came by the booth. We will likely have those for sale here on at some point soon.



I also stopped by the Monkey King booth to see my friends there. They apparently have a new platform toy that's a series of animal faces. They were having people customize them right there on the spot, so I asked if I could do one. I made a DEADY of course!  




I also swung by the Skelanimals booth to see the sneak peek sample of the Toy2R line of Skelanimals artist series Qee figures.  I have one piece in that series, it's a monkey. I snapped a picture of it.  I'm crossing my fingers and hope that them make all of my designs, especially the bear one that looks like DEADY. 


All in a all, a fun time at the most crowded convention on Earth!"

Now taking Pre-Orders for the Voltaire Kid's CD "Spooky Songs for Creepy Kids!" - July 22, 2010

spooky songs for creepy kids

Includes songs from the Cartoon Network show The Grim Adventures of Billy And Mandy

as well as the songs Voltaire performs on the popular on-line role playing game,

AdventureQuest Worlds!

Reserve your copy here:

Deady/Stitch vinyl figure now available! - June 1, 2010

At long last the Deady/Stitch figure by Voltaire, Mindstyle and Disney is now available!

And you can order one in the PRODUCTS section!


Deady Meets the Skelanimals! - March 24, 2010

Voltaire has been invited by Hong Kong based toy company Toy2R to be one of the artists to redesign the popular Skelanimals characters for a new line of vinyl toys. The blind-boxed assortment of Qee figures (that's Toy2R's proprietary shape) will feature each of the Skelanimas characters (Chung Kee, Dax, Jack, Kit and Marcy) redesigned by a small, hand-selected group of artists. Voltaire says, "Deady was looking bored and that generally leads to trouble, so I just let him do it."  And it shows, the figures turned in by the Voltaire and Deady camp look like Deady had a field day creating a bunch of friends (or is that "fiends"?) for himself.  Chung Kee, the bear, looks an awful lot like Deady himself, Jack, the rabbit, looks like he took fashion tips from Deady co-star Sleezter Bunny. And the rest are very much in the same vein. The assortment is rumored to be released in the summer of 2010.



Another DEADY Custom! - February 25, 2010

A gentleman in Salem, MA handed Voltaire a blank "Bub" by Kidrobot when he was playing there in December of 2009. Well, Mr. V finally found some time to do this custom right! It's been added to the PHOTOS section under DEADY CUSTOMS but we won't make you dig for it. You can see it....right....HERE!



NEW DEADY Custom Toy! - February 2, 2010

There is a new DEADY custom toy out there in the world. It's a "Yoka", which is a small vinyl bear made by a company called Adfunture and it's in a show put on by toy distributors DKE (the nice folks who distribute the DEADY "not bootleg" toy!)

 You can see this amazing collection of custom Yoka's (including DEADY) here:

Leave them a nice comment to show support for their awesome show!


AQ DEADY 8" Qee back in stock! - January 4, 2010

Hey gang!

Artix Entertainment sold out of these, Voltaire sold out of these... but now you can get the Adventure Quest DEADY 8" vinyl "QEE" figure directly from the toy company that makes it.  And YES it comes with the bloody code you all are clammering for!  

Get one here:

See last news story of a picture of the AQ DEADY QEE 

Adventure Quest Deady 8" Qee! - September 29, 2009

There is a new DEADY toy in town and it is the coolest one yet! See the press release below and place a pre-order if you want one!

Adventure Quest Deady 8

Comics, Toys and Games collide to form the latest DEADY "Qee" by Toy2R....

Voltaire (musician, toy designer and creator of the DEADY graphic novel series) has teamed up with one of the web's most popular massive multi-user online role-playing games to create one of the more exciting DEADY toys made to date, the ADVENTURE QUEST DEADY 8" Qee!

This Qee (by the premier designer vinyl company Toy2R) is the product of a unique collaboration. On friday the 13th, March, 2009, Voltaire (in animated form) along with his evil teddy bear, DEADY, led a LIVE, 3-hour quest on the on-line game, Adventure Quest Worlds. Players who tuned in, followed Voltaire and Deady onto a haunted pirate ship, sailed across monster infected waters and landed on the shores of Skull Punch Island in search of a cursed guitar. And all the while, Voltaire sang songs from his latest CD, "To The Bottom of the Sea".

Adventure Quest creators, Artix Entertainment, expected 11 thousand players. They were prepared for 25 thousand. After an unprecedented 30 thousand-plus players logged on to this one-time event, the servers crashed! (Hey, what do you expect on Friday the 13th?) But within moments, Artix had the game up and running again. The event proved to be so popular, that is has been added as a permanent fixture in the game and can be played at any time at

Another DEADY mini-game made by Artix can be played here:

The ADVENTURE QUEST DEADY 8" Qee comes in a full color box wrapped in gorgeous art from the Adventure Quest Worlds game!

PLUS! Each box comes with a code that unlocks these items in game

1) A digital Deady pet that follows you wherever you go in game!

2) Free downloads of the songs Voltaire sings in the quest!

3) And other "house" items players can use in the game

Voltaire is the creator of DEADY and a multi-media artist. A recording artist and touring musician, he has written and performed songs for the Cartoon Network show, The Grim Adventures of Billy And Mandy. He is also an award winning animator and director of shorts and station IDs for MTV, SyFy channel and others, a toy designer and the creator of various comic book series including DEADY. The latter included collaborations with some of the biggest names in comics including, Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker, James O'Barr, Roman Dirge, Gris Grimly and many others.....

Artix Entertainment is the creator and owner of the games Adventure Quest, Dragonfable, MechQuest and the MMORPG Adventure Quest Worlds.....On August, 25th, 2009 Adventure Quest Worlds welcomed it's 11th million registered player.....AdventureQuest Worlds provides players with exciting adventures battling armies of monsters in real-time combat and enjoying new weekly quests alongside thousands of other real players. Players can customize their characters with armors, capes, helms, and custom-crafted weapons from the Blacksmith's Shop at any level. Players have the freedom to change among different character classes at any time, and can level-up all of the classes to the max to unlock new skills and specialty shops along the way.....

AND YOU CAN PRE-ORDER ONE NOW!!!! I am only getting 100 of these and I am putting one FREE Deady "Not Bootleg Toy" in each box that gets ordered directly from me! THis is a pre-order, but I'm told the toys are already on their way, so I predict I will be shipping them out to customers within the month!

Prices include shipping.

Go to DEADY PRODUCTS to Pre-ORder One NOW! Choose the link that corresponds to where you wish to have your toy shipped.

DEADY FAN ART CONTEST WINNER! - September 22, 2009

Greetings Deadsters!
At long last, the fan art section is up on the site! Go to PHOTOS and scroll down to FAN ART. There are two pages, so when you get to the last one, be sure to click on the next page or you'll miss out on more awesome entries! The fan art contest has be split into two categories, adult and under 18 years of age. However, in the albums they are mixed. In some cases, when I had the artist's age, I wrote it in the caption under their piece. Eventually I would like to include the age of everyone under 18 who entered, so if that's you, please email your age! Now, for the winners.... I felt that all of the kids did amazing work and it was too hard to choose so ALL "under 18 entries" win a prize!!! To claim your prize, just send an email to with your name (as it appears in the fan art gallery), your age and your address and I will mail you a DEADY NOT BOOTLEG TOY for your awesome work! Congratulations to all of you and thanks for entering! <br>The winner of the adult category will also win a Deady Not Bootleg toy, and ALSO, this one of a kind sample of a seated Deady plush toy. This toy was never manufactured. The sample is just one of three made and they were all different so it's unique and very rare.

To find out who the winner is, you'll have to go to the fan art gallery and see for yourself, it's the first piece! Congratulations to our winners and thanks for your wonderful works of Deady art!

DEADY "Not Bootleg" Toy! - August 30, 2009

There is a new DEADY toy in town and for once, it is NOT a bootleg! They are only $6.66 (plus shipping and handling) and you can get one RIGHT NOW! Click on DEADY PRODUCTS to find out how.

ps: Due to the large number of entries in the DEADY fan art contest, the announcement of the winner will be delayed until Monday or Tuesday. Thanks for your understanding.

DEADY fan art contest! - August 21, 2009

Attention Artists and Fans of Deady!

Deady's new website, , is coming along very nicely!
The photos section is filled with images of DEADY toys, one-of-a-kind DEADY custom toys and DEADY bootlegs from China.

But there is something missing! A DEADY FAN ART SECTION!!!!
And I intend to build one!

So, if you have images of DEADY that you've drawn, please send them in!

Please include the title of the piece, if any, and your name so I can credit you.

And to make things interesting...... in one week I will pick my favorite one!
The winner of the DEADY fan art contest will win a box of DEADY stuff including a DEADY plush toy (soon to be extinct!).

I look forward to seeing your DEADY art!


AQ Worlds DEADY Qee! - August 12, 2009

Hey Deadsters!

Adventure Quest Deady Qee revised sample

What do Artix Entertainment, Toy2R Toys and I have in common. Well, yes, "DEADY!" But to be more precise, Toy2R is now working on an DEADY 8" vinyl "Qee" (pronounced KEY). I designed him to look the way he appears in the Artix Entertainment min-game and also in the Adventure Quest Worlds "Skull Punch Island" adventure. He's pretty darn cute but what's even better is that each toy will come with a code inside that will allow you to unlock a digital DEADY pet in the game! So now you can have DEADY follow you everywhere you go in Adventure Quest Worlds (like I do!). There will likely be some other downloads, like perhaps the songs I sing in the Skull Punch Island quest. Stay tuned for more info. I'll post it as it comes in.

Coming soon.... - July 10, 2009

Deady's very own website! Here you will be able to see what Deady is up to, how his plans of world domination are coming along and what new toys, books and other things he has coming out.

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