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Voltaire: Toys and Art

Deady Custom Toys

Deady Lunartik custom toy. The smallest Deady custom, this figure stands under 2 inches tall!
Deady Bunee MiniQee Custom.  Made for the Mini-Qee kick off show in NYC at Yoyamart during Toyfair 2011.
Deady "Omi" for the Omi show at Monkey King in LA in 2011
DEADY "Bub" cutom. Bub is by Kidrobot
The original (often bootlegged) Darth Deady custom toy for Toy2R
Custom Deady Mez'it for Mezco toy show
Custom Deady Dunny
Custom Deady Yoka
Custom Deady Stitch for Mindstyle art show
"Urkor Malravenous" Custom on a "Think Ups" toy. Unfinished