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This blog is dedicated to a love of anime and graphic novels. Anime, a form of cartoon which originated in Japan, has exploded around the world. Its unique art form and bold, heroic storylines have captivated audiences everywhere. The genre of graphic novels is a bit broader than just anime. Examples of this enhanced comic book also emerge from the American and European scenes.

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Anime News

So much anime is produced every year that it’s hard to keep track of it all. We have actually done all the hard work for you, by sifting through newly produced anime to find the best things which are coming out. Check our posts on this.

Anime as an Art-Form

Once the unique artistic style of anime became more popular, its use expanded outside of the world of comic books. Today, anime art can be found in a variety of different contexts. There are anime movies, of course, but anime is also popularly used in online games. It has even become prominently featured on things such as casino games. This blog details some of the more intriguing places where anime art has ended up.

The Graphic Novel

We haven’t forgotten about the contributions of non-anime artists! The graphic novel is a vast genre which combines the artistic style of comic books with a broader story arc. Because of their length, graphic novels enable artists to produce a story which is much more vibrant and more detailed than anything that appears in a regular comic series. Some of the great graphic novels have featured characters popularized in the superhero universes produced by comic companies in the United States. The graphic novels consider alternate realities where the characters’ lives worked out differently. Check out our reviews of great graphic novels to find out more.

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